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Customer Reviews

SECURE MOUNT-1Project completed...Your suggestion was right on.... Utilizing washers when attaching the brackets is crucial.
(This customer also decided to mount his Hanging Float Rack on a mounting board before mounting to his stucco wall for added strength).

Tim, Naples, FL

"You have GREAT customer service! Can’t wait to get organized. Will send you a photo when we get it installed and the floats cleaned. And, I’ll give you a 4-star rating. "

Sarah, Florida

"That is amazing, thank you so much! We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us and look forward to receiving our order. I hope you have a wonderful day! "

Colleen, Marietta, GA

"Great customer service and communications. My order was delayed and I was offered a refund without asking. I refused the refund and was emailed updates and the items arrived as promised."

Kenneth G Eisner, Bonita Springs FL
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"Just received and immediately started to use these Floating Luxuries Shelf Loungers. They look good and have great functionality for our new pool."

A.A., Flowermound, TX

"I really appreciate you giving me updates - the customer service has been GREAT, and I’ll definitely be ordering from you in the future! Thanks again - really appreciate all the follow-up you have done :)

Lacey, House Springs, MO

"We purchased through Amazon. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product. When I had questions, Bob was quick to respond. "

John Basse, Flower Mound, TX
Jun, 2017
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"I wanted to thank you again for the great float storage. We just redid our deck and we didn't want to take up space that we just added so your float storage solved our problem. Thanks so much again Our order arrived today and we are so pleased!! It is going to work perfectly to keep the floats off of our deck where they were taking up valuable space. Thanks again and I hope your trip went well. Happy 4th…….. Mary Barrow"

Mary Barrow, Redding, CA
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"Thanks to the Beluga Pool Heater, my pool is 78 degrees and beautiful. When the sun is out, the water coming from the garden hose is 90+ degrees! Thank you developing such a good product. I give it 5 of 5 stars especially at this price range!"

James Miller, Fayetteville, NY
Mar, 2016

"This is awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! I love it!! It's perfect!!!"

Brenda Mueller, Illinois
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"Hi. I recently bought the original hanging towel rack on Amazon and absolutely love it! "

Kathryn C, Mar, 2016

"I really appreciate the ease of checking out - I didn't have to join some club or a cult or give out a lot of information about my life. "

Terry Allen, Sandy, UT
Dec, 2015

"Our Strahl glasses are almost indestructible...had them at least 10-15 years. I've found if they do get cloudy with hard water or dishwasher scum, I get the dishwasher powder additive that is basically Vitamin C in powder form, Lemon Sparkle, or something like that, and the polycarbonate clears up perfectly. Good as new! They make perfect gifts too!"

Susan, Irvine, CA
May, 2015
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"After having my Strahl Glassware Tumblers for over 20 years and losing several pieces I decided it was time to order more. This is part of our 20+ year old set of Strahl glassware that I just took out of the cupboard. There was no spiffing it up for the camera, so you see it scratches and all but after 20 years I can’t think of any other glass on the market that would have lasted as long. I'm happy to have you include my written appreciation of this remarkable line of products with anyone who will listen! Glad to have found it still being manufactured and plan on having 20 more years with our new set. Thank you Robert. So this is what 20 year old plus Strahl looks like...

20 year old strahl

Catherine, Paradise Valley, AZ

""It doesn't matter if the water is cold or warm if you're going to have to wade through it anyway." Quote from Pierre Teilhard De Chardin:"

A fan of, Mar, 2015

"Saw you BizTip on TV. The float rack is a great idea."

ED, Aug, 2014

"May 22, 2017
Debra & Joanne
3031 West March Lane
Stockton, CA 95219

Dear Debra and Joanne:

I’ve been a keen supporter and Seller of the NEKDOODLE® since its initial announcement but I can’t say I’ve actually used it on a regular basis. Until now that is.

As part of my regular exercise regimen of light weight lifting every morning and backstroke swimming laps in my home pool to help tone my aging body and keep my foot neuropathy under control, I wondered why my daily routine was so painful on my neck. Then I suddenly realized I had the answer right their in my own® product inventory.

I have supported the NEKDOODLE® and helped Debra and Joanne practically since the inception of their wonderful product. Why didn’t I think of it sooner? I took one out of inventory and started using it everyday. Not only could I see that my tolerance for more laps increased, but I no longer felt the discomfort from holding my neck up out of water while “back peddling”! What a great surprise.

The NEKDOODLE® does everything it’s supposed to do and more. Congratulations to Debra and Joanne for such a wonderful product. I believed in you then but even more now after personal experience!

Robert J. Schuetz,® TX

"I saw your ad on the Biz TV network. You\'ve got some great products. I love seeing local companies innovating. Congratulations!"

Ryan, Ft. Worth, TX
Jun, 2014

"Saw you BizTip on TV. The float rack is a great idea."

Jun, 2014

"You are hands down the BEST person I have ever delt with when ordering online. I will for sure use you in the future and will recommend you to anyone who asks"

Denis, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Apr, 2014

"Love the Hanging Fence Rack. I use the thicker type floats and this works perfectly. I even made a canvas cover for the floats to shield them from the hot sun. Thank you again”. C. Condon, Mesa, AZ"

C. Condon, Mesa, AZ

""Thank you so much. Your operation is a class act. I will be a forever customer. We are re-decorating our backyard and will be using and as much as we can. Thank you again". "

Rocco, Staten Island, NY
Aug, 2013

"Hi Bob, Thank you for the rack and for the shipping charge discount, (i.e.: refund because web site over calculated shipping charges). I want to show you how nice & good it is for my needs!!!! Regards, Carmen Vlad


Carmen Vlad, Ortonville, MI
Jul, 2013

"Thanks, Bob! It was definitely a pleasure doing business with you. I’ve already forwarded your information to several friends who have pools and/or boats. I’m sure we’ll be talking again. Enjoy your weekend! Anne "

Anne Bennett, Stafford, VA
Jun, 2013

"Great customer service and such honesty in refunding overcharge in shipping costs."

Sam Wilson, West Virgina
Mar, 2013

"Received my Super Noodle House and just love it. Thanks so much!"

Jan Thaxton, Plano, TX
Sep, 2012

"Your Super Noodle House arrived and here are photos of before and after. We are thrilled to have such an organized and handsome storage container."

Charles, HATHAWAY HOA ASSOC Richmond, VA
Apr, 2012

"8/23/2012 Hi, Received the Super Noodle House that was ordered for Four Seasons at Westshore Community. I have gotten compliments on it and it really resolves our problem of having pool noodles all over the deck at the lodge. The only thing that I can suggest is that heavier duty wheels would be better. The ones that came with unit are too light for the job. The locking mechanism easily bends out of shape and they really don’t lock the unit down from moving. One of the locking wheels won’t lock even a little bit (can we get a replacement?). A heavier duty wheel would be the best for this product. It is a really a fantastic product: excellent PVC quality, color and mesh except for the wheels. Lovita Lindy Four Seasons at Westshore Community 4200 Hovnanian Drive Sacramento, CA 95834 "

Lovita Lindy, Four Season at Westshore Sacramento, CA

"THIS IS your dealer in italy(Tuscany) ? Tanks"

Aug, 2012
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"Your hanging float rack is a one of a kind storage product. Having a home in FL, I'm happy to have found a store that sells them year round! I purchased a floor stand model made of aluminum from a different retailer and had to return it because the screws on the bottom rusted and stained my patio and then my garage floor. My advice...go with the hanging float rack!"

Mar, 2012

"I am very much looking forward to my new rack. Thank you and I'm sure we'll do additional business in the near future. I think you are a lonesman, (not all businesses are as accommodating as you), so I will say shalom and have a terrific weekend."

Carol-Sherman Jones, Hebron, KY
Jul, 2012

"Bob – Finally found a moment to send you a big “thank you!” The float hangers you made are a perfect fit for our wall/fence. I really appreciate you making these specially. Have no fear: When I next need pool storage equipment, I know where to look! Thank you again, Lee Ann Manning, Winston Salem, NC "

Lee Ann Manning, Winston Salem, NC

"Love the products! Good quality and innovative solutions."

Pat Gill, Blue Cat Enterprises Georgia
Dec, 2010

"I love the "fluted" design of your pipe. It adds a sense of elegance."

N/A, Apr, 2012

"We have our display up in our store and it looks great! "

Adam Wiley, Swim Things Blue Springs, MO
Apr, 2012

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